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HHC: The Mysterious New Distillate

If you’ve been listening to the latest news in the world of marijuana, you may have heard about a “miracle substance” that can get you high like Delta-8 THC, while still being completely legal and is even rumored not to show up on drug tests. This “miracle substance” is called HHC, and you probably have tons of questions about it. Luckily for you, we have all the answers to all your questions right here!

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Best Travel Pipe

Genius Is The Best Travel Pipe On The Market

Your water pipe is your preferred way of smoking but do you ever wish you could take it with you when you’re out with friends, going on a hike, or just need to relax? Nobody wants to walk around with a bulky, dirty, fragile piece of glass in their pocket, or drag a bong around. Not to mention vaporizers running out of battery at the worst moments, so what do you do? 

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Why Is Genius The Ultimate Smoking Pipe?

Genius Pipe is the all-in-one solution for the modern smoker when compared to glass water pipes, wooden tobacco pipes, traditional tobacco pipes, and glass spoon pipes.  See for yourself why the Genius Pipe is the best pipe on the market!  This is your new daily device for every activity and is perfect for day-to-night excursions, sporting events, concerts, travel, parties, or any occasion where you want a 5-Star smoking experience.

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Brass Screens vs. TruTaste Screens

Are brass screens suitable for use in a cannabis pipe?

A pipe screen is a type of screen that is approximately one inch in diameter that covers the hole the bottom of the bowl of a metal pipe, a glass pipe, or a tobacco pipe. Pipe screens primarily separate your herb or tobacco from the smoke and can regulate the flow of smoke and air. Have a good screen and you get a good smoke. Have a bad screen you're throwing your money down the toilet. More importantly, pipe screens keep you from getting a mouthful of hot ash!

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